Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Eve we went to our church's candleight service and the girls got to put a piece of the nativity on the table...well, Elizabeth was holding Emma's hand but ended up running to PopPop as soon as she saw him. The girls looked so cute in their dresses and even have matching dresses for their baby dolls. But I was not prepared and my battery to my camera died almost immediately. :( I'm lucky I got these shots.

The girls were so excited when they woke up and saw all the presents. Elizabeth actually opened her gifts this year. She did a pretty good job.

Christmas Day we made breakfast at home and had a nice time. Pop Pop Ambrose came over mid morning to see the girls too, so it was nice to get to visit with him for a little bit. The girls of course were busy playing with their new gifts. Then after naptime we went to MomMom and PopPop's house and had a nice dinner with them and our sister in law Linda. We had a very nice time and then the girls got to open their gifts. I need to take a pic of them b/c I forgot my camera at home :( but Emma got Samantha an American Girl doll and a bed and Elizabeth got the American Girl Bitty Baby and crib. They just love them. :) I'll upload a pic of them at some point... Emma decided her Samantha doll was gonna be called Samantha Emma after her Aunt Sam :) since that's her name... :)

She LOVES these 'dress jammies' and has worn them as much as possible... Elizabeth got dora ones. and love hers too...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa, Tiny Elf and the Kochmer family Christmas Party

Emma and Elizabeth slept at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's friday night and Emma helped decorate cupcakes for the Christmas party. Then...

Santa Claus came to visit their street Saturday morning and the girls both got Polly Pocket princess sets

Then when they got home we found two lollipops on the table with a note from "Tiny Elf" saying that the girls were on the NICE list but to keep being good because Christmas was almost here :)

Then Sunday we went to Randi's in NE Philly for the Kochmer family Christmas party. This picture was the hardest b/c none of them wanted to stay put :)

Elizabeth's Little People Carriage


We had a busy weekend but had a very nice time. I have TON more pics on my shutterfly...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Calvary Christmas Celebration 2008

Sunday was our Calvary Christmas Celebration. We had appetizers and desserts. Some Christmas carolers and some 'entertainment' :)
Here's Emma and her friend Lydia

Some awesome beautiful young ladies :)

Elizabeth and Mom Mom and Pop Pop

Daddy and Emma

The Christmas carolers were right behind me ...

And Pop Pop was determined to make them lose focus ... lol ...and he succeeded...
dancing to the music

Story time...Elizabeth's one second of actually sitting..she had to be escorted out b/c she was jumping off the stage during the story...two year olds... ;)

Gingerbread house..baby dedication...Rainbows...

Well, last year I attempted a homemade gingerbread recipe which did not turn out successful, so I opted for a store bought kit...unfortunately the roof peices were both broken so it didn't stay together long. I could've returned it, but that's too much a hassle. Emma had a good time making it, Elizabeth got bored immediately. But they both have enjoyed snacking on it. :)

Little Dominic's dedication. I had a seat way back so my pics didn't turn out so great. :) His outfit was so adorable with his little Eagles bowtie...

We had the Mpact Girls Club awards night and the Rainbows sang their song :) Elizabeth decided to join them :)

Way behind...Thanksgiving weekend...

Okay, so I'm way behind on my blog....I have pics of the thanksgiving parade but not afterwards. At least I uploaded all the pics to my shutterfly :)
Well, I made a delicious turkey ;-) with stuffing and gravy and sweet potato casserole, and way too many pies. Jer's mom and stepdad came over for dinner and my friend Krissy. We had a nice time and of course were stuffed by the end.

Then Sunday, Pete and Angela came over for dinner which they brought to us :) and we ended up playing my VHI I Love the 80's Board Game..and we won I must say, but only by one token. The boys got all the sports questions right. If only they had a dollar for every sports trivia question they know...

Emma playing with her new leapster game from uncle pete and Aunt angela... Dora's Camping adventure..

It's time for mistletoe...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade

Well, today is Thanksgiving, and we woke up early..7am..which is early for me :) and got dressed and headed to the train station...we took the train down to Suburban Station and watched the Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Philly...The weather wasn't too bad and the girls had a lot of fun seeing all the balloons and clowns..
On the Train....

Just getting there...

Watching the parade...

The Big Green Guy as Emma calls him..aka the Philly Phanatic

Our view of city hall from where we were...we could see Love Park too, but this pic isn't very good and doesn't do city hall justice...it's such a beautiful building..

Cinderella and Aurora


Snow White

Syesha Mercado

The Wizard of Oz actors

Mickey and minnie