Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa, Tiny Elf and the Kochmer family Christmas Party

Emma and Elizabeth slept at Mom Mom and Pop Pop's friday night and Emma helped decorate cupcakes for the Christmas party. Then...

Santa Claus came to visit their street Saturday morning and the girls both got Polly Pocket princess sets

Then when they got home we found two lollipops on the table with a note from "Tiny Elf" saying that the girls were on the NICE list but to keep being good because Christmas was almost here :)

Then Sunday we went to Randi's in NE Philly for the Kochmer family Christmas party. This picture was the hardest b/c none of them wanted to stay put :)

Elizabeth's Little People Carriage


We had a busy weekend but had a very nice time. I have TON more pics on my shutterfly...

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