Saturday, May 31, 2008

Emma's Dance Recital

Today was Emma's first dance recital. She did so great...and was SO adorable! We are so proud of her. I have some pics, and will get the video tomorrow from Angela..aka Miss 'rule breaker' lol My video was blurry b/c I was trying to be sneaky..but she's 'fearless' Mom Mom and Pop Pop came and Angela. Elizabeth was a wiggle worm of course, but what can you expect from a 1 1/2 year old sitting for an hour and a half. ...

On the way to the excited...look at that beautiful makeup job a la mommy :)

Waiting for it to start, we're getting ansy..

We're all so proud of her! Elizabeth is "OVER IT" though...

Angela came over afterwards to hang out a bit and be a 'princess'

Friday, May 30, 2008

Computer "Whiz"

So I ordered a firewire card and cable, and I opened up my computer and installed it myself... So easy. Now if anything goes wrong, THAT I won't know what to do with. :) but I can install it.. ha ha

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My birthday...

Well, I worked on my birthday this year, it was okay b/c my boss bought me lunch and ice cream sandwiches ... mmm... Then afterward I got to have an awesome spaghetti dinner with my in laws...So yummy!

Me and My father in law :)

Jer and Emma

Elizabeth, what a mess! She enjoyed it though...

Jer and his mom, she makes the best spaghetti!

Delicious cake .... from scratch...

one candle per decade...

Jer got me a Willow Tree sculpture..(which I collect) and the cutest card...He's so sweet!

And my parents got me this awesome sewing machine...yeay!!!

It was a pretty good birthday :)

Thank you to my friends who actually remembered it on their own. :) You're awesome!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Forgot one pic...

Our family on Memorial day...

Memorial Day...

So today we did a whole lot of Nothing. We went and bought the sink and mirror and medicine cabinet for the 1/2 bath downstairs, and guess what? the Sink won't fit b/c it has a drawer and the pipes come out of the floor not the we're gonna rig it up I guess. Then Jer left his screw gun in his brother's truck, so we couldn't hang the medicine cabinet OR the mirror. And the sink clips won't fit to secure the kitchen sink. Hmm...well, at least we were together :) We walked forever down to Wawa to watch the Roslyn Vally Memorial Day Parade. It was pretty short, but the girls had fun. Then we went to a pizza place even further from our house, and it was delicious! We got our exercise, that's for sure! All in all it was a wonderful day, we got to spend it all with Jer aka Daddy, which is a rare treat :) He's the best!!! and we love him!!!

On the way to the parade...

Waiting for candy

...waiting for the parade to start
So cute :)

Elizabeth having a fit because I won't give her a lollipop

Then, we went to Neshaminy mall to meet up with Angela and Pete for my birthday dinner. We love them! So do the girls :)

Pete and Jer, trying not to get 'too close'
Emma just LOVES Aga
Elizabeth and Mommy
Angela playing with Emma and Elizabeth at the mall
Playing Hide and Seek with the girls

My bff :) She always remembers my birthday :) and has the most thoughtful gifts...Thanks Ang!

So Here's my cabbage, it popped out of the ground today :)

My corn has sprouted too...yeay!! What a difference a day makes

My Garden...

So here's some pics of my new garden I wrote about before. I took pics of each section..I know..I'm a dork... :) but now I can see the progress later on..
I know this isn't my garden, but isn't she cute? :) She loves playing basketball.... and here's Jer pulling Elizabeth in the wagon, having a ton of fun.

So Here's my garden
and Here's another angle ...ha ha..
This one's a little blurry, but it's my green peppers, eggplant, parley and basil
These are my tomatoes.
These are the sunflowers already sprouting

Here's where I planted the Hosta, freesia, and gladiolas...we'll see ....
Here's the cucumbers and zucchini plants.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The weird pile...

Here's the weird big pile from my previous blog. It was actually about 3 feet high when they started. Emma was a big help. We're not really sure why the pile was there. Who knows...but not it's almost gone :)

One step closer...

Well, we got our toilet for the downstairs bathroom today...oh yeah! Jer's gonna put it in tonight, set the sink and dishwasher, and hang our bedroom fan/light. No ac tonight...hopefully :) Today is a gorgeous day! We'll probably do some yard work tonight. I'm growing a green thumb I think. I planted a vegetable garden last weekend, and a few weekends before a hydrangea bush and an azalea bush...little baby plants. I hope I don't kill them...the hydrangea was white but it's turning brown...hmm...wonder what that means... Well, I think that was the longest run on sentence ever... :) Anyway...I'm planting 6 Hosta bulbs along with some freesia and gladiolas. I hope they look nice together. This year is the year of Trials and Errors. I'll be learning a lot about gardening. We'll see what happens.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Workin on my yard

Well, not much new today....It's Mother's Day, and I didn't have to cook :) I unfortunately had a migraine since last night and it didn't finally go away till I took a nap today when the girls were napping. Then we did some yard work. Emma and Jer tore down the big weird pile of dirt in our yard and filled in some holes...and I planted grass seed, so now we'll see if the grass grows. I also planted some impatiens around my hydrangea and azaleas but now I'm wondering if it was very smart, since we're getting a big storm tonight. The one that had all the tornadoes...I'll know tomorrow I guess if it was wise or not...well, off to put the girls to bed...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My new blog....

Okay, so I'm so new to this blog thing :) I have a myspace blog but not a Blogging Only what a weird word. So this first blog is just to see how this thing works...