Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade

Well, today is Thanksgiving, and we woke up early..7am..which is early for me :) and got dressed and headed to the train station...we took the train down to Suburban Station and watched the Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Philly...The weather wasn't too bad and the girls had a lot of fun seeing all the balloons and clowns..
On the Train....

Just getting there...

Watching the parade...

The Big Green Guy as Emma calls him..aka the Philly Phanatic

Our view of city hall from where we were...we could see Love Park too, but this pic isn't very good and doesn't do city hall's such a beautiful building..

Cinderella and Aurora


Snow White

Syesha Mercado

The Wizard of Oz actors

Mickey and minnie

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Making Pumpkin Pie...

Notice Elizabeth is touching the pie crust and says Eew yuck :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emma's 5th Birthday

So today was Emma's 5th birthday...I love to make it special for them on their birthdays so I stayed up till 1:30am cleaning and decorating and making her cinderella cake. It turned out so adorable..she loved it! Here's a pic

Here's Emma waking up to us singing Happy Birthday :)

Coming down the stairs to open her present

Opening her gift, I forgot to buy wrapping paper she got christmas paper :)

Playing with her new Leapster..her favorite gift

Elizabeth playing pin the crown on the princess

All the little princesses eating lunch

Princesses in a princess room...they had a lot of fun!

It was a long exhausting day, but she had so much fun...and I'm pretty sure we made her feel super special :) I have the entire album on my shutterfly page

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Siding...

So we finally got our new siding finished...I have a before and after pic here. Today we had off for Veteran's Day so I was raking and the girls were playing in the leaves..then we went to the park and met Lydia and Judah and Jess. I uploaded more pics to my shutterfly page so Go to if you want to see them and I also uploaded my before and after pics of the house to that site as well..Check it out if you like :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So I decided to take everyone off my email list. Just wanted to let everyone know. If you want to bookmark my blog its address is I will still update it periodically and post pics of the girls and our family and even sometimes my opinions. If you want to keep up, just check the site periodically. If not, now you won't be bothered by my 'rantings' ;-) Love you all! I do have my shutterfly page so I update pics on there too which also links to my blog if you want to check it out that way...Anyway..God Bless...Jess

Calming down :)

So even though I am still extremely unhappy about the outcome of this election and very disappointed in Obama supporters, I'm a little calmer today :) Thanks to encouragement from a couple people :) I was directed to the following blog which was pretty good and reminded me that the 'world is not ending ' ;-) and to trust in God. So I will be thankful for leadership, even though it may be a little begrudgingly at first, I know that it'll all work out in the end..I hope.. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween and New Siding...

Well, the girls got all dressed up for some trick or treating... they were princesses of course.. :) Emma was Ariel and had her hair spray painted red and Elizabeth was Cinderella. Jer pulled them around in the wagon and Emma wanted to come back early, and Elizabeth was busy sneaking candy as they were riding .... they're so cute, but then again, I'm pretty biased. :)

Just got home from trick or treating
Mmmm..look at all this candy! Wish mom would let me eat it all tonight!..not happening..

We're in the process of getting new vinyl siding, thank goodness! I'll post an album in my shutterfly of before and after pics when it's all done..

halfway done..yeay!!!