Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade

Well, today is Thanksgiving, and we woke up early..7am..which is early for me :) and got dressed and headed to the train station...we took the train down to Suburban Station and watched the Ikea Thanksgiving Day Parade in downtown Philly...The weather wasn't too bad and the girls had a lot of fun seeing all the balloons and clowns..
On the Train....

Just getting there...

Watching the parade...

The Big Green Guy as Emma calls him..aka the Philly Phanatic

Our view of city hall from where we were...we could see Love Park too, but this pic isn't very good and doesn't do city hall's such a beautiful building..

Cinderella and Aurora


Snow White

Syesha Mercado

The Wizard of Oz actors

Mickey and minnie


Orjinal Delikanlı said...

ne festivali bu merak ettim

Anonymous said...

yeah sorry about that, it's kind of a long story but it was my fault.

i want emma's hat :)