Tuesday, July 29, 2008

West Virginia...

Well, we went to West Virginia for a "weekend getaway". Met Mom, Dad and Sam in Summersville, at Mountain Lake Campground. We didn't get there till about 330am then had to set up camp. We were so tired...

Here's all of us before we went home in front of the new main building.

Here we go...starting our trip.

The next morning getting breakfast going...french toast and sausage on the camp stove..mm..

The girls playing with GrandDad

Helping Nana wash dishes Aunt Sam's job was starting the campfires

Oh, and what a treat! Santa Claus and Mrs Claus came for a visit!

In front of Summersville Dam and Summersville Lake. We want to get a boat next time.

What a beautiful view from Hawks Nest
This is Summersville Lake. It was created by a dam and flooded the town of Gad. They didn't want to call the dam the "Gad Dam"...ha ha, so they named it the next town over...Summersville...anyway..I think that's how the story goes. This was the road that went into the town I think... Emma had a lot of fun at the lake
Elizabeth and Daddy in the "pool" or "ocean". she kept calling it those...her first time in a lake :)
Me and my lil sisSam trying to get her dog Gus to swim

The next day we went back to the lake, and swam a lot more and dove off a little rock sticking out of the water. I didn't have my camera but mom had a waterproof one. If she gets digital pics I'll post them later when I get them. We took a bunch there.

Dad and Sam after the fire got started

The girls' first campfire and Emma's first Smore

Elizabeth was just chillin in her chair all by herself


This was the girls at the lookout at Hawks Nest 2008

2 of the Bailey Great Grandkids....there's another one in Michigan with one soon to be born :) a total of 4 so far...

Here's me and my cousins in I believe it was 1988 (i was in third grade when i had that haircut) :) so 20 years earlier..wow...and look, we're wearing our bathing suits too!

The girls were running in the grass on the hill next to our site and having a blast...Here's our site, minus the awning for the picnic table. the wind took it and we didn't feel like setting it up again since we were leaving in the morning.

Elizabeth Skateboarding with Aunt Sam

Emma skateboarding with Aunt Sam

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July 23rd

Well, it's been a couple weeks.... hmm...well, tomorrow I'm having a Pampered Chef party...want anything? let me know...

Last weekend, Elizabeth went to the shore with her grandparents and had a blast! and I got to have "Mommy and Emma Time". We woke up Saturday morning and got dressed and then we drove to McDonalds and had a nice breakfast together. This nice old man came up and was talking to us (I think he must've owned the place) and he gave Emma two toys then asked her "who comes down the chimney at christmas?" and if she answered it right then he'd give her $1. Well of course, she answered correctly...and became $1 richer :) Then we went to Levittown and I sold my bed which I had posted on craigslist..cha ching! I know, I'm a dork..anyway...afterwards we went to Regal Cinema in Warrington and watched the American Girl movie. It was a little old for Emma but she was so cute. She kept saying, "Mommy, I'm glad we have Mommy and Emma time" so sweet...she said it all day long. We had a long day, but it was nice to have some quality time just the two of us.
Well, my garden has been doing well. Here's some more harvest. I got a new fence..again. Those little animals squeezed right through the holes of the other one. so I got chicken wire. I'll take a pic and upload it next time....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boyz II Men video

Since I didn't get to see Boyz II Men in person, I was looking up some videos. It's funny, b/c when I used to listen to them, I had never even been to Philly, so I didn't recognize anything in the video before....the other videos I was gonna post didn't allow embedding, so I got only one..

July 4th Weekend

So we decided to go downtown to the Party on the Parkway for July 4. Just me and Jer and the girls. We took the train from near our house down to Suburban Station and walked towards the Art Museum

Waiting for the train to come Here's us on the train...
After we got there, we were right by the new Comcast building. We've been seeing it go up for months so we wanted to check it out. It's the 'greenest' building in the country. and it has the coolest video wall in the lobby. I have a couple pics, but I found a video online if you want to see it for yourself. It of course is 5 times HD quality, so seeing it in person is way better than the video.

I tried to get the whole building in the pic, but it was too tall and we were too close.

here's a link if you like this kind of stuff :)...now, back to the weekend...

Once we got to the parkway it was packed. We stopped a minute to see Andre Igodala from the Sixers. He was there for Tmobile I think, and had a quick 'coaching' of some kids playing ball. Here's Emma watching from Daddy's shoulders.

Then Emma tried to play a game, we didn't win, so we moved on... It was fun though :) for her...

We saw the Action News van and of course, Emma knew what it was before we said anything, so we had to take a pic in front of it.
Then We just set out the picnic blanket and hung out on the grass for a little while. We listened to music and the girls played around.

Then we headed back, making our way through the crowds. You can see William Penn in the background

Now we're waiting for the train to go home..Emma's lovin her Pink lemonade...since Pink is her favorite color

Then we went home and rested before going out to Dairy Queen and then watching the fireworks at Abington High School. We would've stayed downtown and watched the concert and fireworks at the art museum, but neither of us know who John Legend is so we didn't feel like sticking around. It was drizzling the whole time so we got a little wet.

Day 2 Saturday July 5

This day we went downtown again. They had a "Taste of Philadelphia" event at Penn's Landing with an Ice Cream Fest followed by a free Boyz II Men Concert. Well, we ended up not staying long enough to see Boyz II Men b/c it was SO packed and we got a bad seat where we couldn't even see the stage. We could only hear...so it was like listening to a really good stereo. DJ Jazzy Jeff came and played some music , it was fun listening to some old school stuff. But a cold front came in and it was 8 o'clock and the boyz didn't come out yet and we wanted to miss the rain..plus the girls were exhausted and we could see the stage :( so bye bye Boyz II men...maybe next time... here's the pics though of everything else...

Well, first we took the train to Market East at the Gallery and we got some Chik Fil A while we waited for Pete and Angela. They took the train from West Trenton and met us there. Then we all took the El down to Penn's Landing. But first we did a quick site seeing and stopped at Ben Franklin's house and America's First Post Office. It still is in use, but we just missed closing time.
Elizabeth enjoying Ben's house...
Emma had fun walking on the walls.

Here's a link to the news story of boyz ii men at penn's landing there were 50k+ people
Angela playing hide and seek on the El
Then when we were waiting our train to come, Jer played hide a seek with the girls at the Market East station....

We had a busy but fun weekend. I'm pooped now... :)