Sunday, May 25, 2008

One step closer...

Well, we got our toilet for the downstairs bathroom today...oh yeah! Jer's gonna put it in tonight, set the sink and dishwasher, and hang our bedroom fan/light. No ac tonight...hopefully :) Today is a gorgeous day! We'll probably do some yard work tonight. I'm growing a green thumb I think. I planted a vegetable garden last weekend, and a few weekends before a hydrangea bush and an azalea bush...little baby plants. I hope I don't kill them...the hydrangea was white but it's turning brown...hmm...wonder what that means... Well, I think that was the longest run on sentence ever... :) Anyway...I'm planting 6 Hosta bulbs along with some freesia and gladiolas. I hope they look nice together. This year is the year of Trials and Errors. I'll be learning a lot about gardening. We'll see what happens.

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