Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day...

So today we did a whole lot of Nothing. We went and bought the sink and mirror and medicine cabinet for the 1/2 bath downstairs, and guess what? the Sink won't fit b/c it has a drawer and the pipes come out of the floor not the we're gonna rig it up I guess. Then Jer left his screw gun in his brother's truck, so we couldn't hang the medicine cabinet OR the mirror. And the sink clips won't fit to secure the kitchen sink. Hmm...well, at least we were together :) We walked forever down to Wawa to watch the Roslyn Vally Memorial Day Parade. It was pretty short, but the girls had fun. Then we went to a pizza place even further from our house, and it was delicious! We got our exercise, that's for sure! All in all it was a wonderful day, we got to spend it all with Jer aka Daddy, which is a rare treat :) He's the best!!! and we love him!!!

On the way to the parade...

Waiting for candy

...waiting for the parade to start
So cute :)

Elizabeth having a fit because I won't give her a lollipop

Then, we went to Neshaminy mall to meet up with Angela and Pete for my birthday dinner. We love them! So do the girls :)

Pete and Jer, trying not to get 'too close'
Emma just LOVES Aga
Elizabeth and Mommy
Angela playing with Emma and Elizabeth at the mall
Playing Hide and Seek with the girls

My bff :) She always remembers my birthday :) and has the most thoughtful gifts...Thanks Ang!

So Here's my cabbage, it popped out of the ground today :)

My corn has sprouted too...yeay!! What a difference a day makes

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