Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Eve and more...

So New Year's Eve we went to Jersey with Pete and Angela. Emma and Elizabeth went with Mom Mom and PopPop to Jer's Aunt Kim's house first then they dropped off Emma at Jer's Aunt Eileen's for her first New Year's Eve Sleepover. She stayed up till 4 am and had a blast.
We went out to dinner with the Vanzino's at Olive Garden then went to their house and played Cranium Pop 5. We had a great was so funny. I'm hoping to get the video for one of the things Pete acted out, it was hilarious.

I'm Cloodling...

The guys trying to make it harder for us...

We got 5 points!

The guys got 5 points, they are rubbing it in...

Here's Elizabeth with her ton of beads from the night before...

Ang and Pete came over to give the girls their Christmas presents

Emma loved her Princess oven

Elizabeth loved her Little People Castle

Finally, here's a pic of Emma with her new Samantha doll.

Elizabeth loves her Bitty Baby

Here's their doll beds

Ang and Elizabeth playing polly pocket

Emma's first cakes she made..with Ang's supervision

Putting the finishing touch, sprinkles

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