Monday, April 27, 2009

NYC Girls' day out

So we went to NY for the day on Saturday. I woke Emma up at 4:30am and surprisingly she was smiling, and got ready with no problems. I think she was really excited. Then we drove to NJ to get the train. She was so excited she couldn't sit still...

Then we took a cab to Battery Park and took a Ferry to Liberty was the first time I've ever been that close to the Statue and it was such a beautiful day.

It was so funny, b/c we were standing in front of the statue and she was so beautiful and then I looked down and Emma was more interested in her shadow...she was being a Fairy, b/c she thought that we were going on a Fairy boat (like Tinkerbell) not a Ferry boat :) It was so cute.

Our view from the Ferry. When we were about to get off everyone was waiting in line and the ferry knocked into the pilings and a bunch of the girls screamed and Emma looked at us and asked "are we sinking?" it was so funny..

Then we went to Ellis Island, it was a really quick trip..

On the way back to Battery Park we rode on the upper deck since it was warmer

Then we went to Alice's Tea Cup for lunch. The food there was so delicious. I had grilled steak salad with a Chili dressing and it was soo yummy..I took a pic just for Ang :) she likes food pics

Then we took a cab to the theater and the cabbie was annoyed and drove like a maniac, we were pretty happy to get out..

The show was amazing and it had really good effects. We loved it! Emma watched the entire thing, she did such a good job

Next we went to the American Girl Store and Cafe where we had dinner. Samantha had her own special chair and dishes. Emma was so giddy and kept making sure Samantha had some food to eat.

After we ate we shopped a bit then we got a pedal cab and it took us back to Penn station. It was a neat way to see the city.

On the way home, Emma didn't calm down at all, she took some pictures, here's one of me using her new 'dinglehopper' hair brush...

Here's a pic of the dolls' new outfits and their new big gift, a picnic table and food to go with it...

The day was pretty long, but we had a great time, and Emma was sooo good the whole day. It was only after she fell asleep in the car on the way home that she was a little crabby. She was pretty exhausted...

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