Monday, August 4, 2008

Garden update and Ang's Birthday Dinner

Here's my garden with the new chicken wire far so good..I haven't seen any critters in it. I picked some corn the other day and boy was it the most delicious corn I've ever tasted. Will definitely be a garden staple in years to come...
We had Ang and Pete over for dinner to celebrate her birthday last night. I made a salad with my homegrown tomatoes and cucumbers, and a homemade chicken pot pie with some of my fresh corn on the cob. Then of course Ang's cream cake. We went outside to play with the girls. We played hide and seek
Here's Ang is playing Red Light Green Light...Emma says "RED LIGHT!"

Pete and Jer were playing wiffle ball..
Red light!


Singing happy birthday, with my camera on night setting..oops

Here's my beautiful fruit of the spirit fruit bowl Ang gave me for MY birthday..isn't it so pretty? :) We had a lot of fun, the girls just love Aga and Pete ...

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