Thursday, June 12, 2008


We got one of those kiddie pools for the girls to play with. Elizbeth wasn't a happy camper at first..
Emma loved it as long as there weren't any bugs..

We went to Pete and Angela's on saturday and got together with some friends and their daughters. This was the first time all 5 have been together.

From Left to Right (not including the grownups)

Macy, Elizabeth, Galadrielle, Zoey, Emma

This pic wasn't easy to take... 5 kids under 5

In order from youngest to oldest:
(Macy, Elle, Elizabeth, Zoey, Emma)

Emma and Galadrielle

We brought our sprinkler because it was such a hot day. Emma was the ring leader of course...Zoey actually went in the sprinkler a little and even Elle, but they were all still kinda little to enjoy it a lot.

Here's the garden before. this was taken June 1.

Here's the garden as of yesterday, June 11

We went to Rita's last night with Mom Mom and Pop Pop and got water ice..mmm..

Elizabeth enjoying her last days of binkies..we threw them all in the trash last week....


"goya especial" said...
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ang vanzino said...

Isn't it amazing how FAST your garden can change! I was just thinking I need to take new pictures of mine b/c it's grown a lot - like yours - in the past 2 weeks.

tinajenny said...

your girls are so stinking cute,i can't stand it